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The Academy


The Best Baseball Fundamentals in South Florida since 1993

Fundamentals of the Game taught by 2 professionals

HARDBALL BASEBALL ACADEMY is an intensive fundamental training on all baseball skills. All players will go through a series of advanced drills and instructions to better their playing performance and polish their skills. The academy is owned and coordinated by Mike Tosar and Lazer Collazo.
Hardball takes a personal interest in each athlete’s development, they coach these young athletes and they organize their entire curriculum. Their hands-on approach to individual instruction is unmatched in this industry. Of greater importance is the positive example set by two well-respected figures in the baseball world that possess outstanding values of dedication, hard work and a genuine and sincere care for every student/athlete that attends their program.
In order to achieve maximum development of a player’s skill, the player must have desire, discipline, and dedication. Therefore, it is our job to see that all of this is accomplished.

The main focus of “The Academy” is to teach the FUNDAMENTALS of baseball to players from ages 6 to 16. Mike Tosar who has 15 years at the professional level and has coordinated ML Spring Training and Lazer Collazo who alone has gone to the College World Series 14 times will lead and coordinate all of the fundamentals being taught.




Hardball Academy 6U-16U Membership


Registration Fee Monthly
Registration Fee Monthly
$100.00 $125.00
Yearly Registration Fee. This is a one time non-refundable fee that occurs once a year and must be paid in full at time of registration. The yearly registration fee includes a secondary insurance for all Hardball events, 1 Hardball practice T-shirt and a 1 Hardball hat. Academy Monthly Fee. This includes 12 hours of pure baseball fundamental training monthly. 4 Saturday’s per month from 9am to 12pm. You are only paying $10.42 per hour of instructional training.
Southwest Boys & Girls Club
2805 SW 32nd AVE
(Corner of US1 & 32nd Ave)

Saturdays: 9am to 12pm

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Regular schedule academy
Spring Full Season at Boys and Girls Club
Camps and Clinics
Regular scheduled academy
Summer Travel Tournament play
Camps and Clinics
Regular scheduled academy
Fall Short Season at Boys and Girls Club
Camps and Clinics


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